Social media is one game, content strategy and creation is a whole different beast. Sure, you may be active on social media, but are you delivering value to the inboxes of those who are already warm leads and fans of your brand? If you have an existing email marketing list or two and need a partner to assist in creating email marketing that communicates your value and meets people at the place they are most likely open to receiving information from you — while they’re safe and warm inside their own inboxes, and willing and able to engage with content you send to them directly.

Whether updating them on products and services, sending over a discount code or details about a current special, or simply shooting over some relevant/pertinent information that aligns with their interests, email marketing engages an audience who may or may not be anywhere else you are — there’s a subset of your customers who will never access Twitter or come across an influencer campaign. Meet them in their inbox and let Go Yellow help get them engaged in a way they may not already be, through email marketing. I’ll also help you actively grow your email list, so that with each and every send, you’re widening the net to make a meaningful impact with your customers and prospective customers.