When it comes to getting your brand in front of people with pull and influence, engaging social media influencers is key. Influencers have gained your customers’ trust and are a go-to for what’s hot — they’re what’s keeping you from reaching a significant number of influencers for little to no investment. 

Go Yellow believes in the power of authentic, beneficial relationships. I’ll work with you to identify the perfect category of influencer, then do the heavy lifting to engage and manage influencer assets. The result? Increases in brand awareness, social media following and social media engagement. 

The true magic happens when influencer relationships are fostered over time. Seeing an influencer pitch a product once has its perks, but the real value comes when a brand manages a relationship with influencers over time. If they use in and adore and swear by your products over a period of time, so too will the people that trust them — your existing and potential customers. 

Let Go Yellow lead the charge with your influencer coordination and influencer management efforts. I’ll ensure you have relationships with the right people, who serve as connections to existing and potential audiences.