Over the last decade+, I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside some of the most driven, inspired entrepreneurs. Whether through serving them in a marketing capacity or sitting beside them with clunky headphones on while listening to their stories, I was privileged to help uncover the very marketing challenges these businesses face. In doing so, I caught the entrepreneurial bug myself.

With experience across social media, hospitality, digital marketing, venture capital, public relations and marketing, I started Go Yellow in 2018, to implement marketing that positively influences the businesses I work with and the humans they serve, all with a bright-yellow enthusiasm and commitment to help tell the stories that move the needle and have a positive impact on your brand.

That’s me, with pink hair.

Go Yellow Digital an Indiana-based, female-founded, one-woman-show of a marketing consultancy dedicated to helping my clients achieve success by getting to the core of who they are, who they serve, and by developing and implementing marketing strategies that put people back at the foundation of doing business. I’m here to make sure your brand shines its brightest shade of yellow. I’m trying to make marketing more meaningful, by injecting authenticity and integrity and value back at its core. I want to use marketing for good, not greed, and help the incredible business owners in Indianapolis and throughout the Midwest and beyond thrive.

With every fiber of my being, I want to show even the smallest companies that good marketing is within reach, and empower business owners to make it work for them. I’m dying to connect, as I truly believe I can help you continue to grow, develop and flourish. I’m committed to working with businesses I truly believe in and align with to my core, so let’s do this!

Ready to get started? Let’s help your brand shine its brightest.