Flexibility is key – I help where I can and want to provide as much value as possible. That’s why I’m open to providing one-time strategies or ongoing management.

Ongoing Work:
Monthly budgets of $1,000/month are standard for ongoing partnerships, though $1,500/month is highly recommended (plus paid ad spend, when and where applicable). That will ensure your account is provided the time, attention and strategy your investment is owed. Each strategy is specific to your goals, and each marketing proposal is written thoughtfully and carefully to provide you with options – that means providing pricing tiers at your request and demonstrating what can and will be tackled over the course of several months. At no point in time will you ever be in the dark as to what is being completed and how it’s performing. Best yet, your investment in folding me into your business will be a tremendous cost-savings from hiring an agency — you’re making me a part of your squad, versus inviting in an expensive outsider.

One-Time Work:
If you’re looking for a road map to execute on your own – I can help there too! For a one-time expense, I can audit existing social media or marketing platforms, make recommendations and provide next steps and best practices uniquely for your brand and what will help you level-up. That includes content, social media or overall marketing strategy. Given the extent of platforms being undertaken, pricing will vary, but will come in less than a monthly retainer (mentioned above). One-time deliverables are priced on an at-need basis; you will be invoiced for the likely amount of time I’ll be spending on them.

What works for you may not work for anyone else. I’ll never sell you a bill of goods, you have my word on that. Best yet, I partner with you to ensure you’re comfortable with the plan of attack and the rate at which we tackle your challenges. I want to do marketing with you, not to you. With that said, every marketing strategy looks different!

Schedule a consultation where we discuss your goals – we’ll keep it casual, simple and easy. Let’s go yellow!