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Meet Brittany Simpson

Oh, hi! It’s me— Brittany!

My name is Brittany Simpson and with more than a decade of experience in Public Relations, Communications and Marketing, I’m just the partner you need to level up your amazing small business. My mission is quite simple: help locally-owned and operated businesses shine their brightest shade of yellow.

Go Yellow is an Indiana-based, female-founded, one-woman-show of a marketing consultancy, dedicated to helping clients achieve success by getting to the core of who they are, who they serve, and by developing and implementing marketing strategies that put people back at the foundation of doing business. I’m here to make sure your brand shines its brightest shade of yellow. I’m trying to make marketing more meaningful, by injecting authenticity, integrity and value back at its core. I want to use marketing for good, not greed, and help the incredible business owners throughout the country thrive. 

Over the last decade+, I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside some of the most driven, inspired entrepreneurs. Whether through serving them in a marketing capacity or sitting beside them with clunky headphones on while listening to their stories, I was privileged to help uncover the very marketing challenges these businesses face. In doing so, I caught the entrepreneurial bug myself.

With experience across social media, hospitality, digital marketing, venture capital, public relations and marketing, I started Go Yellow in 2018, to implement marketing that positively influences the businesses I work with and the humans they serve, all with a bright-yellow enthusiasm and commitment to help tell the stories that move the needle and have a positive impact on your brand.

That’s me, with pink hair.

With every fiber of my being, I want to show even the smallest companies that good marketing is within reach, and empower business owners to make it work for them. I help uncover the unique stories that only you and your brand have to tell, then help get them in front of your audience(s) in a way that positively impacts your bottom line.

I’m dying to connect, as I truly believe I can help you continue to grow, develop and flourish. I’m committed to working with businesses I truly believe in and align with to my core, so let’s do this!


When it comes to marketing your business, let Go Yellow help tell your story and connect you with the audiences that influence your bottom line.

Influencer Coordination + Management

When it comes to getting your brand in front of people with pull and influence, engaging social media influencers is key. Influencers have gained your customers’ trust and are a go-to for what’s hot — they’re what’s keeping you from reaching a significant number of influencers for little to no investment.

Go Yellow believes in the power of authentic, beneficial relationships. I’ll work with you to identify the perfect category of influencer, then do the heavy lifting to engage and manage influencer assets. The result? Increases in brand awareness, social media following and social media engagement.

The true magic happens when influencer relationships are fostered over time. Seeing an influencer pitch a product once has its perks, but the real value comes when a brand manages a relationship with influencers over time. If they use in and adore and swear by your products over a period of time, so too will the people that trust them — your existing and potential customers.

Let Go Yellow lead the charge with your influencer coordination and management efforts. I’ll ensure you have relationships with the right people, who serve as connections to existing and potential audiences.

Social Media Strategy/
Social Media Management

By now, you likely know the importance of social media as a business owner. It’s the quickest way to engage your current and potential customers. Go Yellow has managed social media for a myriad of industries, understanding that at its core, it’s about demonstrating value. Chances are, your competitors are active online too. Are you posting the kind of content most likely to catch your customers’ eye? Are you posting enough? Or too much? There’s a beauty and a science to it all, and Go Yellow knows all about it.

Each month, we’ll create social media calendars, outlining precisely what content will be shared by your accounts. Additionally, we’ll work each month to actively engage those interacting with your brand or who need to be engaging with you, all while helping grow your follower count among relevant users who are valuable to your success as a business.

Go Yellow can manage your existing social media accounts, and will steer you in any direction where you should develop new accounts. All the while, we’ll make sure to maintain your brand voice and deliver value to any and all who come across your social media channels.

Local PR

There’s value in building connections with your local media outlets, no matter where you are in this big, beautiful world. After all, your community generally wants to show support for brands they can and often do know on a deeper level. If you haven’t already considered local media outlets as a potential opportunity to grow your brand, let Go Yellow be the liaison you need. I’ll create lasting relationships with media who are trusted by those locally and regionally. Better yet, I’ll ensure you stay top-of-mind as media prepares stories that align with the value you can provide. So don’t rule out tv, podcasts, newspapers, radio stations, television stations right down the street from you — sometimes, there’s nothing better than a little local love!

Digital PR helps you reach your target customers by featuring your business on the websites they read, the podcasts they listen to and the social media accounts they love. In creating and maintaining relationships with relevant media outlets, Go Yellow will keep your brand top-of-mind with media members who have established trust with your existing and potential customers. The real beauty of digital PR? The reach. Brands use digital PR to increase online presence at a significant level. Go Yellow will network with national (and sometimes international) journalists, bloggers and influencers, by sending online press releases that communicate your value, to gain high-quality backlinks, social media mentions and improve your brand’s standings in search engine rankings (ps – the higher the better when it comes to things like Google search results, friends!).

Digital PR

There’s no limit to how wide a net digital PR can cast, and with a strong strategy guiding the way, Go Yellow leverages digital PR to reach your audiences via outlets they trust and value, for an additional sense of credibility.

Email Marketing

Social media is one game, content strategy and creation is a whole different beast. Sure, you may be active on social media, but are you delivering value to the inboxes of those who are already warm leads and fans of your brand? If you have an existing email marketing list or two and need a partner to assist in creating email marketing that communicates your value and meets people at the place they are most likely open to receiving information from you — while they’re safe and warm inside their own inboxes, and willing and able to engage with content you send to them directly.

Whether updating them on products and services, sending over a discount code or details about a current special, or simply shooting over some relevant/pertinent information that aligns with their interests, email marketing engages an audience who may or may not be anywhere else you are — there’s a subset of your customers who will never access Twitter or come across an influencer campaign. Meet them in their inbox and let Go Yellow help get them engaged in a way they may not already be, through email marketing. I’ll also help you actively grow your email list, so that with each and every send, you’re widening the net to make a meaningful impact with your customers and prospective customers.

Content Strategy /
Content Creation

Content is a game changer. When it comes to value, creating content that resonates and influences your existing and prospective audience is key. Generally, content marketing achieves many things: increasing sales, generating customer loyalty, educating your leads and prospects about the products and services you offer, creating a sense of community around your brand + providing opportunities for customers to save, just to name a few.

Go Yellow works with businesses to identify opportunities for strategic content creation. Whether a blog, or tangible marketing asset (i.e. posters, presentation, etc.), Go Yellow will create on-brand, professional assets that will help advance your brand. So let’s get to creating exactly what you need to meet your marketing goals!


Stephanie Sellers,
Cookies & Dreams

Brittany has been an absolute gem to work with! By helping to leverage our social following & engagement via industry relevant influencers – we not only saw an increase in followers & engagement but a corresponding increase in sales. She has really helped us grow our business quickly using influencer engagement. – Stephanie Sellers, Owner, Cookies & Dreams

Doug Roberts,
Chief Revenue Officer,
HouseMax Funding

Brittany has been an absolute dream to work with. She has taken our nonexistent social media presence to something we are proud to call ours in a month’s time! She’s the best! – Doug Roberts, Chief Revenue Officer, HouseMax Funding

Jane Wagman,

Brittany has been an integral part of our social media team since the launch of our company, Pride+Groom. She took the initiative to come up with tons of ideas for growth, created clever content, was organized and an overall pleasure to work with. She helped align Pride+Groom with relevant influencers who helped tell our story and communicate our values.

Even though we were in the middle of a pandemic and entirely remote, Brittany was always available and quick to respond to any request or comment. Everyone on the team loved working with her and I can not recommend her highly enough. – Jane Wagman, Founder, Pride+Groom

– Christi Rider,
City Dogs Grocery

Go Yellow Digital has been a wonderful investment to my business. Brittany is AMAZING to work with — the best digital marketing gal around! Her passion and dedication to small business was obvious from the first time we met. She goes above and beyond in all aspects of her job. She is organized and shares a great monthly calendar showing my requirements (which are minimal) and what posts she will creating. She has taken my social media to another level and my followings continue to increase daily! She has been a lifesaver for me and I’m so thankful our paths crossed. I am thrilled with everything Brittany has done and always look forward to seeing what she has in store! I am blessed to work with you! – Christi Rider, Owner, City Dogs Grocery

– Nicole Pence Becker, Owner,
Pence Media Group

Brittany Simpson at Go Yellow Digital is organized, detailed and passionate about her clients. Brittany takes time to understand client goals and is extremely responsive. Brittany is also focused on trends in the social media and digital marketing world and helps her clients understand opportunities they may not have initially thought of pursuing. Brittany puts the client first! – Nicole Pence Becker, Owner, Pence Media Group

The Go Yellow Approach

Chances are, as an owner, you’re swamped — pulled in a million directions, overseeing all aspects of business, managing a small team or lack thereof — and you need help.

Marketing often takes a backseat to more immediate business and operational needs – believe me, I get it. You’ve done your best to address it, or delegate it to someone else who is probably over capacity, but you know marketing could make your business more successful.

That’s where I come in.

As an independent marketing partner, I’ll become an extension of your business to understand, measure and better connect you with your target audience. I’ll influence their behaviors and help you win. I’ll ensure your brand voice is being heard in all the right places, by the right audiences.

It’s not about business-to-consumer or business-to-business — it’s truly just business-to-human. It’s understanding what your customers need and want, then establishing yourself as the solution. At the root of it all, don’t we all want to do business with people?

Business should be personal. In creating genuine connection with your customers, speaking their language and meeting them where they are online, you’ll leave outdated, automated marketing in the dust. Go Yellow can help serve as the liaison between you and the people who can take your business to the next level — your customers.

Let me help put humans back at the center of your business. Let me help you identify where you can and should be engaging with them. Let me help your brand shine its absolute brightest.

I am a supporter of all things local (local to you, local to me— no matter!), committed to shining a light on the businesses that make this city and the Midwest so great. And so, I would love to work with you. Best yet, we’ll have a heck of a good time turning your marketing bright yellow.

The Go Yellow Process

Flexibility is key – I help where I can and want to provide as much value as possible. That’s why I’m open to providing one-time strategies or ongoing management.

Ongoing Work:

Monthly budgets of $1,500/month are standard for ongoing partnerships, though $2,000/month is highly recommended (depending on the services selected, of course). That will ensure your account is provided the time, attention and focused execution your investment is owed. Each strategy is specific to your goals, and each marketing proposal is written thoughtfully and carefully to provide you with options – that means providing pricing tiers at your request and demonstrating what can and will be tackled over the course of several months. At no point in time will you ever be in the dark as to what is being completed and how it’s performing. Best yet, your investment in folding me into your business will be a tremendous cost-savings from hiring an agency — you’re making me a part of your squad, versus inviting in an expensive outsider.

One-Time Work:

If you’re looking for a road map to execute on your own – I can help there too! For a one-time expense, I can audit existing social media or marketing platforms, make recommendations and provide next steps and best practices uniquely for your brand and what will help you level-up. If you have a team established, I can help set them up for success, by providing the strategy and insights they may not be considering. That includes work in content, social media or overall marketing strategy. Given the extent of platforms being undertaken, pricing will vary, but will come in less than a monthly retainer (mentioned above). One-time deliverables are priced on an at-need basis; you will be invoiced for the likely amount of time I’ll be spending on them.

What works for you may not work for anyone else. I’ll never sell you a bill of goods, you have my word on that. Best yet, I partner with you to ensure you’re comfortable with the plan of attack and the rate at which we tackle your challenges. I want to do marketing with you, not to you. With that said, every marketing strategy looks different!

Schedule a consultation where we discuss your goals – we’ll keep it casual, simple and easy. Let’s go yellow!

Who’s Gone Yellow

Go Yellow is thrilled to have served clients throughout the United States. While I may be based in Indiana, I love the opportunity to work with clients in other areas of the country. Don’t let your physical location deter you from reaching out – there’s nothing we can’t accomplish face-to-face over Zoom or a call. The beauty of what I do is being able to be digital and help you achieve that same flexibility in life. Flexibility is key, and that’s what Go Yellow is all about! Let’s see this map light up with yellow – get in touch today!

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