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My Story

Oh, hi! My name is Brittany Simpson and with more than a decade of experience in Public Relations, Communications and Marketing, I’m just the partner you need to level up your amazing small business. My mission is quite simple: help locally-owned and operated businesses shine their brightest shade of yellow.

Go Yellow is an Indiana-based, female-founded, one-woman-show of a marketing consultancy, dedicated to helping clients achieve success by getting to the core of who they are, who they serve, and by developing and implementing marketing strategies that put people back at the foundation of doing business. I’m trying to make marketing more meaningful, by injecting authenticity, integrity and value back at its core. I want to use marketing for good, not greed, and help the incredible business owners throughout the country thrive. 

I am driven to help create meaningful connections for businesses

I love playing matchmaker for businesses seeking seeking high-quality, meaningful relationships with influencers who can help advance your brand, and demonstrate the quality and value of your products. Let me help relay your stories to influencers who have gained the trust and share-of-voice with your target audience(s).