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Go Yellow Wins

Tomato sauce brand seeks to grow awareness + influence sales

A New Jersey-based tomato sauce company sought to further grow awareness of their better-than-homemade product, via meaningful influencer management.

Go Yellow was consulted to establish and foster an ongoing relationship with influencers in and around New York, New Jersey and elsewhere throughout the northeastern United States. Twenty-one influencers signed on to help promote the brand, via tagged static Instagram posts and/or Instagram stories. Go Yellow served as a consultant for just 60 days.

To say the campaign was successful is an understatement. One, single influencer effort generated more than 500K+ video plays — Go Yellow’s most successful influencer effort to date. Other signs of success were the more than 100 collective post comments and 1.5K collective post likes.

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Iowa-based cookie company wants to treat the masses + announce expansion

An Iowa-based, female-founded cookie company was in the midst of expansion, adding additional locations to their bragging rights. In an effort to get in front of as many new eyes as possible, Go Yellow pitched the company to be featured on the red carpet during a New York Fashion week event — and they were interested! The company sent cookies that were enjoyed by a slew of some of the latest up-and-coming entertainment icons, in fashion, beauty, music and more. They were also featured by a prominent social media influencer — Isabella Barrett — who possesses nearly 100K followers.

Franchise seafood restaurant + local grocery store aim to grow awareness and engagement

A suburban mom-and-pop grocery store with more than 25 years in business purchased a franchise seafood restaurant to add to its repetoire.

Go Yellow was consulted, to help grow and maximize their social media platforms. Focus shifted from almost never posting, to posting on a regular cadence on Facebook and Instagram. Attention was paid to not only the new restaurant, but also to the value delivered by a business valued in its community.

After working with Go Yellow for 15 months, they saw 69% growth in their Instagram followers, 832% growth in Facebook followers, and more than 300 Yelp reviews.

Growth on growth: Company lands in The Fresh Market and Seeks Introduction To New Target Market(s)

After being selected to be on The Fresh Market shelves in 22 new states, this Maryland-based bread company was looking to generate meaningful awareness in their new stomping grounds. Influencers from Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, Washington D.C., California, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina were engaged for an array of influencer campaigns — 28 campaigns in 90 days, to be exact. The client was excited to be in front of some of the most influential and engaging consumers in their new target market(s), in such a concentrated, strategic way.

Law firm seeks to drive website traffic + develop content that converts

An Indiana-based law firm sought to grow meaningful leads and develop their brand through utilization of social media and content.

Go Yellow was consulted, to develop content and maximize their social media platforms. Monthly social media calendars were created and deployed to capitalize on firm happenings, generate leads for specific practice areas, help feature and introduce individual attorneys, and better highlight community involvement and community partners. Content was also developed each month, and shared via social media.

The firm saw more than 550,000 website sessions on their website during the three-year engagement with Go Yellow.