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The girl behind Go Yellow.

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It’s not every day I commit to sitting down and creating content solely focused on me, but alas, the must-dos of marketing. It’s fitting really — making myself do this as an act of good faith that when I advise you do the same for your web presence, my recommendation doesn’t seem empty.

About Go Yellow

Before we delve too deep into Go Yellow, let me properly introduce myself. After all, you’re dealing with a real-life, living, breathing human here — something I actively work to make sure my clients know, understand and appreciate. My name is Brittany Simpson and I am the owner of Go Yellow Digital, an Indiana-based, female-founded, one-woman-show of a marketing consultancy dedicated to establishing, utilizing and maintaining connections with current and prospective customers.

What that means for my clients is working as a middle man (well, woman) to connect you with influencers, media outlets, or even social media users who can help tell your story, relay your value and ultimately (positively) impact your bottom line. See, marketing has changed a lot in the decade+ I’ve been in the industry. PR today isn’t what it was a decade ago. Social media has changed six ways to Sunday in the last decade, and will only continue to do so. And influencer marketing, put simply, just wasn’t a thing at all.

It’s a fast-paced world we live in, and marketing is certainly no different. What I do at Go Yellow is help deploy efforts like influencer marketing, social media marketing and public relations to help your brand grow and/or maintain awareness among the consumers that matter to you. I tell your stories to those who can amplify them among larger, still-relevant audiences.

My “Why”

Truth be told, not a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars. I don’t say that without knowing its weight, either. Since venturing out on my own and starting Go Yellow nearly five years ago, I’ve learned more than I ever did in any other role, and have met and worked with some of the kindest, most devoted and hardworking entrepreneurs on the planet.

I certainly hope if you’re reading this and in need of a marketing partner, you’ll reach out. I’m about as no-pressure a marketer as they come — only here to provide help in the areas you need it most, versus sell you a bill of goods on all the things I could do. I become an extension of my clients’ businesses, and I’m proud of that. I aim to make marketing as effective but hands-off for my clients as possible, knowing very well how full lives are outside of work hours. What are work hours for entrepreneurs, anyway? Ask my husband (or dog, both seen above) and he’ll tell you my days remain flexible and you’ll often find me working outside of the 9 AM – 5 PM time frame.

That’s the beauty of being a marketing consultant, truthfully — the flexibility to work when I want, and the opportunity to work with who I want. Entrepreneurs are a special breed of human, one I absolutely adore walking step-in-stride with and helping achieve their next big win. Hear from some of my current and former clients to get an idea what working with Go Yellow is like.

Let’s Get Started

So, in a nutshell, that’s the girl behind Go Yellow. I’m just an all-heart, hardworking consultant with a true desire to help the brands I work with shine their brightest. Could that be you? If so, let’s chat!

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