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Meet Influencer Marketing’s “granfluencer”

When you first hear “influencer”, your mind may go straight to a teen-or-twenty-something, with an eye for style and fashion, and a wallet dedicated to all things tech, style, or anything indulgent. They’re likely what you first associate with influencer marketing, and for good reason.

Not so fast, though.

There’s a new genre of influencer impacting awareness and sales and it may surprise you — the granfluencer.

AdAge recently characterized these folks as those “from 50 to over 100 years old”, who “have thousands and even millions of followers who regularly tune into their comedy skits, ‘get ready with me’ morning routines, or recipe walkthroughs.” Of course they sound like a shoe-in when it comes to influencer marketing!

Why could granfluencers be the key to your success? Their value is in their share of consumer spending, which AdAge cites as over half of all consumer spending in the U.S., according to the Harvard Business Review. Depending on your product, there’s a decent-to-good chance that seniors could be a worthwhile target for you to get in front of, which is exactly what granfluencers can help with.

Check AdAdge out for a (hilariously fun) list of the “11 of the most influential granfluencer accounts“. While this influencer may be a little more difficult to identify on a micro-influencer scale (that is, accounts with 10K – 50K followers) or even nano-influencer scale (that is, accounts with 1K – 10K followers), they aren’t impossible to engage. Let Go Yellow help you find the perfect granfluencer for your product, and get the ball rolling on your influencer marketing efforts. Get in touch today and let’s chat through your goals!

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